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Dear Washoe County School Board and Library Board,


Our Community Impact Team has worked with the Washoe voter and church community who have worked to all of the signatures to the attached petition to remove access by Washoe County children to pornographic books in our Washoe County Public Libraries or Washoe County Public Schools.

We have followed the Washoe County Public Library Challenge Process to have specific books removed from the Public Library and we would like your decision on x date.  And, we have followed the recommended Washoe Public School Challenge Process and we would like the requested books removed by x date.     Who can we meet with from your leadership team to get these topics added to the next meeting's agendas?  

We are a newly-launched  Washoe County group of registered voters who will work with our elected officials to tackle social issues through the lens of scripture.  We will work to pass moral legislation, elect or defeat candidates based on their voting records or moral positions, and influence public policy.   


Parents across Washoe County are furious at the sexual content that the Library Board of Trustees has allowed to be accessible to children in our tax-payer-funded public libraries.  This immediate appointment is an action that you can each take on behalf of every registered voter to protect Washoe County children.  Will you vote to protect children?  We pray you do.


Respectfully yours,

The Community Impact Team


Sign Our Petition

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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