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Pastor Phil McKay

Calvary Chapel Reno Sparks


Phil McKay is the Founder of Community Impact and Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Reno Sparks. As Senior Pastor, Phil is a compassionate leader who humbly and effectively communicates the word of God.  His biblical world view motivates him to engage the culture and encourage all Christians to follow Jesus' teaching in doing the same.  His work in changing the public square in northern Nevada motivates others to become more involved in local politics, run for public office and leads efforts for legislative and important policy change.

Frank McElfish

Director of Community Impact


Frank McElfish leads the Community Impact Ministry at Calvary Chapel Reno Sparks.  He also helps churches start Culture Impact ministries which are designed to monitor current issues, legislation and elections for the pastor and the congregation  You can email Frank at

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Let's Win Another Washoe

Library Board of Trustee Opening!

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